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Learning Disability Testing & Evaluation Services

At Integra Psychological Services, it is our goal to help put the "ability" back into learning disability. That is, we believe that comprehensive assessment of an individual's intellectual and academic skills is required in order to build a strengths-based treatment plan. We are able to provide learning disorder / learning disability testing for patient's ages 6+, and we commonly see children, teens, and adults who struggle with reading, spelling, writing, math, or general information processing and learning challenges. 


We commonly consult with public and private schools, ARD teams, special education instructors and teachers, and college disability departments and can provide you or your child assistance with acquiring academic accommodations for dyslexia, dyscalculia (math), and dysgraphia (writing/spelling) (i.e., if a learning disorder is determined to be present). 

Our typical learning disability evaluation consists of:

1. A diagnostic clinical interview

2. Comprehensive review of academic records, previous test results, and medical records

3. Administration of comprehensive measures of intelligence / cognitive abilities

4. Administration of comprehensive measures of reading, spelling, math (academics)

5. Administration of various personality, emotional, and/or behavioral functioning tests. 

6. 1-Hour face-to-face follow-up appointment with a doctor to review results.

7. A comprehensive written report with test results and recommended accommodations

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