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Autism Evaluations

At Integra Psychological Services, we understand the unique needs of our patients with autism spectrum disorder. Our testing office environments are designed with these unique needs in mind. Why? Because our patients deserve to have a therapeutic testing experience. 


Our clinicians are experts at providing comprehensive autism evaluations for children (ages 6+), teens, and adults for the purposes of:

1. Diagnostic Clarification: there are many psychiatric, neurological, and general medical conditions which can both mimic and co-occur with autism spectrum disorder. 

2. Providing parents, spouses, and patients with concrete and practical treatment plans

3. Providing schools with an objective, outside opinion regarding clinical diagnosis, as well as detailed, individualized recommendations

4. Empowering each patient with autism and their family / guardians / parents by highlighting the patient's unique neurological capabilities and strengths in an effort to assist with enhancing their functional prognosis, independence, and overall quality of life. 

Autism Therapy
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